Case Study – Agriculture

Case Study – Agriculture

Department of Agriculture and Food

The BSE and foot-and-mouth disease crises of recent years led to a greater awareness of the importance of food safety and traceability. The Department of Agriculture & Food now requires cattle to have individual passports that enable their movements to be traced from birth. Bristol manages the animal passports process on behalf of the Department of Agriculture & Food. This involves:

  • Processing over 40,000 animal registrations per day during peak periods, and over two million records annually.
  • Guaranteeing a three-day maximum turnaround to those registering animals.
  • Managing an archive of over 40 million documents.

We built our systems initially in close consultation with the Department of Agriculture & Food and we have gone on to develop further enhancements necessary to deliver an efficient process that is an essential element of food traceability process. In particular, the systems meet very strict requirements regarding processing and archiving, and all records both, physical and electronic, are archived by Bristol.

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