Property Services

Property Services

Building Services - Bristol Facilities
We combine experience with the highest standards to deliver outstanding solutions to the building services sector.

Bristol is passionate about delivering outstanding operational excellence in building maintenance for workforce augmentation and enhancement, facilities management, and process improvement consulting within the property maintenance environment.

We provide a service excellence approach to operations with continuous innovation and anticipatory service, to deliver superior, measurable outcomes. With Bristol expertise and resources, you can effectively and measurably enhance not only the physical attributes but the overall performance of your property maintenance environment.

As your partner, we will assimilate seamlessly into the ethos and culture of your company. All Bristol team members are fully vetted on a continual basis, ensuring peace of mind for management, supervisors, field staff and customers.

Bristol solutions include:

  • Maintenance
  • Leasing Consultants
  • Property Maintenance Supervisor
  • HVAC
  • Building Engineer
  • Administrative


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