Lean Workforce Programs

Lean Workforce Programs

Bristol senior management and consultants are highly experienced and successful business leaders. We understand the critical importance of a highly productive and motivated workforce. At Bristol, we combine our people leadership and management skills with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to deliver world-class Lean Workforce Programs.

“Companies that practice Lean rely on their employees who know the process best to identify unproductive activities and replace them with productive ones. This additional productive time results in higher output with the same pace of production using the same capital investment,” Gregg Gordon, author of Lean Labor: A Survival Guide for Companies Facing Global Competition.

The Bristol Lean program is built to manage high volume departments or operations where reducing waste, improving processes and managing variable labour needs are critical to success. Each Lean Program, whether short term projects or long term outsourcing programs is managed by Six Sigma certified professionals that manage operational strategic plans and standards and workforce optimisation .

Enterprise Value Stream and Process Mapping
This enables us to build an enterprise-wide company map and view all processes, value created, and where these processes are utilised.

Process Performance Measurement
Processes are evaluated to measure productivity, value impact, identified invisible waste, and efficiency bottlenecks.

Project Delivery
Once processes are analysed and optimisation options are evaluated, priorities are set and projects are executed to deliver the improvements within defined success criteria.

Included in all our Lean Workforce Programs:

  • Balancing Labour and Demand
  • Improving Workflow with standardisation and “chaos” theory
  • Using Labour Analysis to Make Operational Decisions
  • Measurable KPI standards for each process
  • Increasing the Productivity of the Entire Workforce