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At Bristol Facilities, we strike a balance between autonomy and alignment.

Bristol Facilities is committed to a culture of success.

Our successful workforce is rooted from taking care of each other first. It then stems and guides each of us professionally and is carried throughout the company and to our partnered clients.

Our commitment is founded on a strong purpose and a core set of values that drive everything we do. Achievements set for each employee and every customer drives our company.

Through streamlined techniques, a continuous quest for knowledge, utilization of new innovations, and willingness to go beyond our duties to achieve desired results, Bristol has created workplace efficiencies to become the facilities management leader within our industry.

Our purpose defines the value we bring to our customers. A company that grows every year by helping our customers maximize the power of their people, lower their costs, and focus on what they do best. Our core values shape our culture and guide our behavior which, in turn, drives our actions and results.

Bringing Our Values to Life

Customer Focused and Customer Driven

Our main focus is our customers. We serve our customers locally, regionally and globally with specific value propositions, and focus on identifying their individual needs and wants. We build enduring partnerships with customers who value our approach to service.

We proactively seek to understand customers’ needs and consistently create value through them through all our products and services. This is the litmus test for all our investment and resourcing decisions.


Bristol excels in people management, which enables us to deliver excellence in our services to our clients.

We mitigate risks and volatility transferred from our customers by applying leadership skills, human resource policies, employee training and labor legislation. We obtain these benefits by sharing knowledge, work experiences, and best practices.  We collaborate across departments as it serves our company and clients from a diversity of ideas and experiences.

We treat each other by the Golden Rule and believe that when people are respected, they can reach their full potential regardless of their skill level.


At Bristol Facilities, we strike a balance between autonomy and alignment.

We operate with strong, local leadership and autonomy to ensure timely responses to demands and requests. We also reflect the overarching Group fundamentals and strategic direction in order to exploit best practices and leverage our geographical footprint. We are disciplined and use tight financial controls.

We advance our service offering towards our services and developing our Facility Management capabilities.

We self-deliver multiple site-based services and integrate our services seamlessly with our customers’ organizations.

Open Communication

This is at the core of everything we do. We lead by example to demonstrating trust, transparency, and teamwork in all our relationships.

Bristol is a performance-driven environment where people are passionate about their job and it shows in their work. We believe that when people are respected, they can reach their full potential regardless of their skill level. Our people reflect the diversity of the global business environment in which we live and work.

Performance to Excellence

We constantly strive to be repeatable and reliable in all that we do, and be accountable for and deliver on our commitments. We will establish goals and standards and measure our success against them.

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