Our Mission and Values

Mission and Values at Bristol

Our greatest mission is to provide our clients with the power, tools, and resources to concentrate on their core business activities while we handle the non-core procedures on their behalf.

Leadership and Expertise

Bristol Facilities leverages leadership with combined experience to help our clients maximize their business performance. Our clients are given the power and resources of our bi-lingual recruiters and account managers so they can concentrate on their essential business activities and continue to expand their business without distractions.

Our vision of becoming the premier provider of facilities management (FM) services, facility maintenance, and workforce provider is our driving goal. We achieve this every day through our passionate commitment to customer service, quality, and service excellence.

For this plan to work, we have built and continue to build our strengths through organic growth and partnerships with organizations that are part of the Bristol team.

At Bristol, we partner with medium to large businesses and Fortune 1000 companies across many industries. These include construction, healthcare, and property owners to name a few. We also offer job opportunities and advice workers at every stage of their careers, including veterans that are read to join the workforce.

The Bristol 4P Mission

The 4P Mission is the framework that guides Bristol Facilities.

Adhering to each P of the Bristol 4PMission – People, Process, Partners, and Productivity – is an expectation of all Bristol’s members from hourly associates to  corporate staff.

For each of us to achieve professional and business growth, the 4P Mission must be executed daily.


We strive to be the best place to work by inspiring our colleagues to be their best, consistently engage customers, and drive better business.


Set SMART goals for quick execution for long-term wins while incorporating manageable processes to work smarter.


Nurture relationships that create an awesome and collaborative network of people around you. They will make you and us all better for the future.


Be productive for yourself, family, friends, colleagues, and clients to be better today than you were yesterday.

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