Optimized Labor Scheduling

Optimized Labor Scheduling

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Streamline operations through precise auto scheduling of distribution and service personal based on actual operational demand.

Our in house technology software to gauge and maintain labor scheduling was built to schedule and track productivity, measure efficiency and automate our entire business.  The basis of the program is very client-centric. Bristol API architecture which allows us to interface with customer software for real time builds and forecasts allowing us to schedule for your ever changing business with current up to date information. The API architecture is coded in a plain and concise manner allowing us to interface with multiple different platforms. It has a built in security to prevent your data from being exposed as well as an extremely easy to use graphical user interface.   In addition to real time data we also envision being able to share our information with you via a client portal that can be accessed by your management team to determine what our current staffing levels are, our productivity, and additional measurable KPI’s tailored to meet each individual site.

We have launched our mobile version in the Apple store. This will allow our Account Managers and support staff to perform the majority of the tasks that they recently would only be able to perform in front of a computer. It will better improve our ability to have a real time snapshot of the employees that are on the clock and those who have not shown or arrived late rendering our team even more effective.

  • Patented transaction based design uses back-end matrix of capacity, KPI bench timing per task, hourly transaction patterns, and lot to lot distribution points to precisely calculate labor needs per hour per transaction to ensure the highest service levels to fulfill customer demands.
  • Proven track record of saving between 17-25% labor saving in each market along with increase customer service scores.
  • Provides workforce management solutions to leading global companies in facilities management, staffing, food services, and logistics.
  • Workforce Planning/Future Analytics
  • Talent Management and employee file management
  • Labor Cost Intelligence (Transaction based scheduling)
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Automated Communication (text, auto calling, and email)
  • Time and Attendance (kiosk with push technology and facial recognition)
  • Performance Management with KPI tracking
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Will track current and projected trends from data to produce future trending analytics.
  • Will streamline operations through precise auto scheduling of distribution and service personal based on actual operational demand.


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