Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Bristol follows Lean and Constraint methods to labor planning to ensure we meet your production and organizational objectives.

Workforce Planning and Lean Methods

Organizations need to mitigate loss and increase profitability, even when the economy is growing, without a keen eye, you won’t be able to scale accordingly.

With one central location or multiple properties, securing lean labor schedules reduces human error and payroll reduction administration. Our lean methods eliminate labor waste times and costs while creating operational capacities. 

Lean Labor Schedules does not mean skimping on quality or labor planning.

Applying Lean and philosophies with sourcing and recruiting best practices, we work with our customers continuing partnership while driving growth.

Expertise in agility and adaptability may be pre-requisites for production and other similar positions or departments. Bristol Facilities has grown accustomed to using a Lean mind frame to handle and act in unrelated situations to be highly adaptive.

Your Benefits

  • Motivated workforce
  • Company buy-in
  • Training and orientation
  • On-site safety
  • Quality control and assurance

Our Services

  • Janitorial and Environmental Services
  • Landscape and Turf Maintenance
  • Operation, Mechanical, and Maintenance Services
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Process Improvement Consulting

Controlling and Managing

Controllers and managers have access to projected and actual financial and operational reports. These reports drill down by location, period, occupancy levels, and departmental labor spent.

A labor report of multiple locations and departments gives management an overview to preplan, manage, and control labor. They can pull personnel from one site to another to temporarily solve short staffing issues rapidly.

Controlling and managing function together as they coexist for labor planning. Both solve labor shortages that may set the process standards for long-term workforce strategies.

Harmonizing labor with control with management is done over time. Tuning man hours with examining and managing work with operations is critical to controlling labor costs.

Lean Thinking and Workforce Planning

Like Algebra, there are many ways to get the same answer. How one gets to the answer is the objective, but the critical piece is the thought process that leads to the outcome.

For our example, we have two Environmental Service Technicians that work a total of 16 hours. Of those hours, each works at their assigned tasks 7 to 7.5 hours each. A non-trained Lean practitioner may see that the technicians are wasting time with nonwork activities.

However, a Lean expert will realize that the “wasted time” is not wasted at all. In truth, the wasted hour or so is an accumulation of non-work activities that included customer and management interactions.

With recommendations from the Lean practitioner, management has implemented regular morning meetings instead of on whims throughout the day. 

Cut Labor Costs with Planning

Industry Leaders select Bristol Facilities as their labor provider.

Allow us to scale your personnel and management’s most valuable resource – Time!