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Case Studies From Our Clients

These case studies show our differences at Bristol. We show the goal,our approach,and the results for successful outcome.


Bristol leads the way when it comes to your business needs,from integrated facilities management to turnkey workforce sourcing and management.

We base our processes on Lean principles and partner with our clients to enhance their core operations. We support our clients by gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in many industry markets.


Bristol Facilities helps many companies to:

Increase Customer Satisfaction – Enhance the Customer Experience – Lower Operational Costs

Improve and Standardize Processes – Create an Outstanding and Motivated Workforce 

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Let us create value to your business from the beginning all the way to the bottom line.

Below are a few examples where we had the privilege to drive better results for our partnered clients.

About Our Case Studies

The first thing that you will notice about our case studies is the value-added services that we provide as well as our unique approach to our clients’needs.

Some companies may refer to client’s needs as problems at the beginning of their case studies or white papers. Bristol considers these problems as opportunities forService Excellence Delivered.

We don’t see the glass as half-empty.

We see the glass has half-full!


Bristol stimulates young minds at k-12 schools and nurtures the quest for expanding knowledge at higher education institutions.


Our technicians and maintenance personnel enhance the grounds,buildings,and tenant requests with a friendly and warm touch.


We have nailed these projects to a science with our sourcing and recruiting methods to get the job done right. 


Our EVS,hospitality staff,and maintenance technicians support patient recovery and healthcare practitioners’quality


Integrated and single-service facility services based on Lean principles streamlined to meet business needs with end clients in mind.

Food and Beverage

We bring the hospitality “service excellence”to food businesses to streamline distribution,operations,and customer service.

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Concrete and Asphalt Specialists

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Short-term project based crew

A Children’s Hospital

A Children’s Hospital

Food Serves and Kitchen Staff

Private College Prep School

Private College Prep School

Single-Service FM and Staff

Condominium Complex

Condominium Complex

Maintenance Technician Crew



Cold Storage Food Crew

University Campus

University Campus

Maintenance Crew (Direct to Hire)

K-12 Private School

K-12 Private School

Integrated Facility Management and Maintentance



Food Services and Support

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