Online Payroll Registration

Bristol Online Payroll Registration In English

Follow this guide to access the Employee Self-Service site for your payroll information. You must be registered to access this information at any time.

New Employee Registration

Either type or copy and paste this link into your web browser address line: The page will look like the image below.

Click on “Employee Registration” at the top or “New Employee Registration” at the bottom of the page.

When you click on Employee Registration, the webpage will look like the image below.

Follow these instructions to complete your registration:

Company Code: DA223

Employee Number: Enter your employee number include all zeros.

SS Number: Enter your social security number.

User Name: Create your user name.

Your user name:

  • Must be between 4 and 20 characters long.
  • Cannot have any spaces.
  • Can be all letters, all numbers or a combination of both.

Password: Create your password.

Your password must:

  • Be alphanumeric (have letters and numbers).
  • Be between 6 and 10 characters long.
  • Not have any spaces

Confirm Password: Reenter your password.

Email: Enter your email address.

Security Questions: Use the drop down field to choose a security question.

In the field below the question you will enter the answer. This must be completed for each question


Then click the Submit button.

On the next screen, you will receive a message stating that your registration is complete.

Log into the system and you will see the the following image.

Click “I Agree” if you would like to receive your W-2’s electronically.

Click “Not Now”, if you want to receive your W-2’s in the mail.

Remember that this can be changed at any time.

If you have any questions regarding access please contact [email protected]