Facilities Management and Support Services

Facilities Management and Support Services

We provide a service excellence approach to Facilities Management with continuous innovation.

Bristol’s Facility Management Solutions are embedded throughout all disciple levels to integrate people, places, processes and technologies.

Every organization has facilities management needs which underpin their core activities. For most companies, facilities management and property costs constitute one of the top three areas of expense.

Managing facilities internally is not a core competence and represents a management headache with unwelcome distractions from the core business.

How Bristol Facilities Helps

At Bristol Facilities, we leverage our expertise to deliver outstanding facilities management and other business solutions.

Our support services are designed to meet your unique business needs.

We integrate with you at your location, with your management and other personnel, suppliers and current operations, to find solutions that work for you. Together with controlled procedures and standardization, we ensure quality and cost efficiencies.

Bristol provides a customer service first approach to Facilities Management coupled with continuous innovation and proactive actions to deliver superior and measurable results that will drive your business further. We ensure that your facility and occupants are not only able to run at peak performance, but safely and cost-effectively. Our services are driven by detailed service level agreements with output driven specifications which are designed to deliver the quality of the work environment and service level that your business requires.

Numerous facility services are necessary for your facility to run optimally and services must be performed on a continuous basis 24/7, 365 days of the year. To meet this need, our skilled personnel has extensive management and technical experience in all aspects of facilities management, mechanical and electrical maintenance, environmental health & safety, energy management and project management.

With Bristol expertise and resources, you can effectively and measurably enhance not only the physical attributes but the overall performance of your facility, no matter how large or small, locally, regionally or internationally.

We are passionate and dedicated to providing an outstanding professional service at the most economical cost.

Even the most complex environments with multiple facility services requirements your company will benefit from a partnership with Bristol. 

Our Services Include:

Property Management and Maintenance

Planned, proactive, and preventative maintenance designed to extend asset life, reduce costs, and promote service responsiveness.

Janitorial Services

Planning and management services that ensure cleanliness, safety as well as visibly impact facility attractiveness with a full range of cleaning services, including green initiatives.

Landscape and Turf

Comprehensive year-round planning and care for the safety and enhanced image of lawns, walkways, athletic fields, and playgrounds.


From electrical to carpentry and everything in between, we have you covered with any of your construction needs.

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