Medical Waste Management Services


Exceptional Medical Waste Management Services Provided by Bristol Facilities

Since 2001, Bristol Facilities has been providing hospitals and medical facilities with waste management services to fit all of their needs. All of our employees go through a multistage vetting process and adhere to all waste management regulations, giving you peace of mind knowing your waste will be disposed of correctly by trusted professionals.

Bio-Waste Handling

We specialize in all aspects of bio-waste handling, from pickup, to treatment, to final disposal. Our highly trained bio-waste handling team will collect any bio-waste from your medical facility, utilize an approved autoclave process to sterilize it, and then dispose of it properly to ensure the safety of not only people, but the environment as well.

Hospital Waste Disposal

Hospitals are filled with infectious materials that can be dangerous if not disposed of properly. Bristol Facilities offers safe and reliable hospital waste disposal services from experienced waste disposal experts. Our employees can safely dispose of a variety of waste such as:

  • Human fluid and blood
  • Specimens
  • Cultures
  • Needles, syringes, and blades
  • Unused or outdated medications
  • Anatomical parts
  • And much more

If your medical facility needs any type of waste management services, contact the helpful and experienced professionals at Bristol Facilities today.