Food Processing

Workforce Management Solutions for Food Processing & Packaging

Finding the right employees for your food processing and packaging facility is critical to your success.

We Don’t Just Fill Job Orders

The nation’s hunger for convenient food options is ever increasing, and yet the gap between farmers and ranchers and those who consume their products is also growing. According to a recent USDA census, less than two percent of the U.S. population is actively involved in agriculture.

Bridging this divide are food processing companies like yours that are under increasing pressure to deliver foodstuffs to store shelves quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality or public safety. It’s a monumental undertaking, one that requires an in-depth understanding of the entire food chain, from initial sourcing to final delivery. Unfortunately, finding the quality personnel you need to ensure your product is readily available to consumers can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Bristol Facilities, our talent acquisition experts can recruit the staff you need for your food facility, and our experienced account managers have a deep knowledge of food warehousing, packaging, manufacturing, and processing. Together with your in-house management team, we can help you get your food to market, be it beef, baked goods, broccoli, or any other food item.

So, stop the revolving door of short-term laborers and the frustration of constantly having to train new hires. When you partner with Bristol Facilities, your facility will be staffed by reliable, experienced personnel you know and recognize.

Your Benefits

  • A reliable and professional staff that has been thoroughly vetted by Bristol Facilities
  • Streamlined management strategies and increased productivity
  • Single or integrated facility service options
  • Employees that understand and embrace your company’s performance expectations
  • Strategic services and solutions built upon the five principles of Lean manufacturing

Our Services

What We Do For Food Facilities

At Bristol, we understand the evolving nature of your business. Consumers are more aware of how foods are processed, even when it isn’t farm-to-table fresh. That means an increased emphasis on quality, safety, and sustainability, all of which require employees possessing a high degree of expertise and skill. With other companies, you may get new faces every day, which is hardly a better situation than what you were dealing with before! We take a different approach. Our personnel provides the stability you need to achieve your production goals. In addition to processors and packagers, Bristol can supply electricians and general equipment repairmen to keep your facility running smoothly at all times.

Why Do Food Facilities Select Bristol?

  • Our focus is on our clients from the very start. During the discovery process, we’ll thoroughly research your company and your facility to understand your production needs. Then we’ll tailor a program that fulfills all your expectations while fitting your budget.
  • Our trained, reliable, and highly skilled teams will assimilate seamlessly into your facility, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • We understand production requirements can change overnight and have the flexibility to quickly adjust to your new situation.
  • Experience matters. Over the years, we’ve gained a thorough understanding of what it takes to run an efficient and effective food processing facility. This knowledge is on display from our supervisors to our field operators.
  • We use two criteria to assess the viability of any proposed innovations. All changes we suggest for your company must enhance overall quality and lower costs. Doing just one isn’t good enough.

Fill in the Processing Gaps

Bristol Facilities is the food processing partner you’ve been searching for.

Let’s work together to customize a program that’s perfect for you.

Call us if you have any questions, would like information regarding our services and options or to request a no obligation discovery session with one of our solution experts.

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