Case Study – Outsourcing: Transport & Logistics

Case Study – Outsourcing: Transport & Logistics

Global distribution isn’t just about speed. Businesses need efficiency, security, and accountability along with reliable, low cost delivery. At Bristol we provide the knowledge and capacity to solve complex distribution issues.
The client is a business-to-business distributor with over 800 suppliers providing customer access to more than 50,000 products and annual sales of more than 1.2 billion.
The client was experiencing rapid growth and needed to fill sales and management positions at branches, distribution centers as well as drivers. Productivity was lacking due to unfilled positions, poor hiring, and high turnover. They needed a solution that provided a qualified and motivated workforce, whilst allowing flexibility in staffing when experiencing varying levels of business transactions.

SolutionTo fill the immediate need to fulfill positions, Bristol was able to provide solutions in Quality Recruiting, Employee File Maintenance and Outsourcing.

Utilising a knowledgeable recruiting team and our proven methodologies to hire qualified candidates quickly, a management model was created and filled to ensure a sturdy framework from which to build the employee base. Utilising strategic recruiting software and industry knowledge, Bristol was able to quickly ramp up the hiring process from receipt of request through on-boarding.

Employee File Maintenance
Bristol provided an automated solution to document the entire recruiting and hiring process, housing employee files in one easy to access place with accurate file tracking to minimize risk and ensure that requirements and qualifications are met with each candidate in accordance with position.

Using our deep access to client pool knowledgeable in logistics operations, Bristol quickly provided access to qualified candidates from management to actual drivers..

Top quality talent provided by Bristol and experience within the Logistics industry enable us to create efficiencies in several areas for the client.  Bristol was able to fulfill over 500 positions over six months with a turnover rate of 13%, increasing customer service and time-to-fill levels. The recruiting process was standardized with easy access to information providing significant costs associated with manual paperwork and processes. Outsourcing with Bristol provided the flexibility needed with a scalable workforce and the company is now nimble and able to adjust to business fluctuations. In addition, by decreasing the number of FTEs, a significant labor cost savings of close to 28% was realized.