Case Study – Outsourcing: Healthcare

Case Study – Outsourcing: Healthcare

Claims Processing

Since 2004, Bristol has been central to the processing of personal injury claims. This is an activity of considerable scale, and our work includes:

  • Handling calls (100,000 calls a year) from claimants, respondents and the general public.
  • Preparing claims for assessment (27,000 claims a year).
  • Scanning of all documents received (500,000 records a year).

We use a case management system to manage the entire paper flow and all correspondence and other communications relating to claims for our client. We also provide the client with detailed management information, and provide validation of claim information to both claimants and respondents. All paper records are archived in a secure environment.

The claims processing system has been an acknowledged success, and awards are now delivered in a quarter of the time at a quarter of the price, with savings to the economy to date of up to $250 million. The management of correspondence in a single location has also brought considerable benefits.

The claims processing scheme has also been very popular with its users, and an independent survey of the service found that:

  • Overall claimant satisfaction was at 96 per cent
  • Of those surveyed, 92 per cent stated that
  • Bristol staff were knowledgeable and informed on claimants’ options (92 per cent)
  • Direct claimants believed that staff communicated a clear understanding of the process and its requirements (88 per cent).