Supporting Veterans

Supporting Veterans

Bristol Facilities is dedicated to honoring the sacrifices that our military and civil servants have made.

Thank you for your service.

As a service organization, Bristol Facilities has a wide range of career opportunities. From field operations to corporate and support functions, veterans can find a home with us as leaders in our facilities, consulting, and staffing divisions coast to coast.

We are always on the lookout for motivated candidates with leadership skills and the ability to take initiative. Search our job directory or find an event near you to become part of the Bristol team.


Military to Civilian Transition

We are looking for veterans and reservists from all branches of the military, with any level of experience. When you’re ready, we’d love to hear from you.

This military to civilian translator can help you refine your resume, explore career opportunities and find great jobs.


Handshake between enlisted military member and a female civilian. Shot against an American flag. Selective focus on hands.

Doug Peterson, Director of Facilities Services Former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Captain

“We are a people focused company, and leadership is key. Being able to work with people – to understand what makes them tick, to motivate them and engage them – is crucial for success in a business and in the military.”


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At Bristol, we are proud to partner with organizations focused on helping veterans find great jobs and build long-term, rewarding careers. We are committed to strengthening our team with members of the military community and we look forward to continuing our partnership with these groups in the future.