How We Work | Bristol’s Process to Your Project From Start to Finish

How We Work | Bristol’s Process to Your Project From Start to Finish

How can your organization be more competitive and increase profitability? How can you prosper with the rising costs of technology, facilities, and labor? How can you offer a better customer experience, increase productivity, and lower costs?

Bristol are highly proficient experts in Business and Operations Process Optimisation and can help you to answer these questions and deliver great solutions. We understand every client’s business and market will have unique attributes., and that the journey of transformation to a higher performance business needs to be client specific.

Bristol consultants are seasoned operational and business managers, and blend this ‘coal face’ experience with Lean Six Sigma expertise. In partnership with our clients, we combine proven industry expertise with methodologies and training programs to improve existing business processes and create new ones where needed.

Bristol provides clients with solutions incorporating the key principles
that define our discipline and performance:

  • Trusted Partnership
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Process Excellence
  • Continuous Innovation and Improvement
  • Exceptional People and Teamwork
  • Great Communication
  • Cost efficiencies

How we work:
Each process improvement project or outsource program is designed to meet your unique and desired outcomes.

Our consultants will work with your management team to understand the challenges you face today and the performance optimization opportunities. Together we will define real-world plan and execution framework to effectively streamline operations, optimize your workforce, lower costs, and critically, delight your customers.

Following the Shingo Prize model, our consultants help you self-sustain Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) as an ingrained part of your organization’s culture and behavior. As part of our empowerment of your business, we can also provide Lean and Six Sigma training at the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and leadership levels.

essay servicesBristol focuses on solutions that are fully aligned with your short and long-term objectives. We typically work with clients through a shared risk/reward model – ensuring you get a fast and measurable ROI.

As a ‘hands-on’ partner in a shared risk/reward partner, we not only develop the collaborative plan, we are typically deeply involved in the successful execution either as program managers or as outsource partners.