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We combine experience with the highest standards to deliver outstanding solutions to the healthcare sector.

Bristol’s Healthcare Support service helps support your core expertise in wellness.

Bristol is passionate about safety, quality, and efficiency within the healthcare system.

The safety and well being of people is of paramount importance, and is conditional upon hygienic cleanliness and maintenance of facilities, equipment, and environment.

Bristol Facilities has a Service Excellence approach to supporting healthcare. Our facilities management team believes in a continuous and innovative approach to problems and solutions. They anticipate flaws and deliver solutions that give superior and measurable outcomes.

Many times, correcting small flaws has the largest impact collectively.

With Bristol’s expertise and our resources, you can effectively and measurably enhance the quality and safety of your healthcare environments in balance with the demand to manage and reduce cost.

Solutions and Services in Healthcare

Bristol Facilities supports the health care and wellness businesses with:
  • Facilities Services and Maintenance programs
  • Administration Services
  • Credit Management and Collections service
  • Porter Services
  • Deep Clean and Continuous Cycle Sanitation programs
  • Energy Audit and Efficiency Management programs
  • Ground and Air Emissions monitoring
  • Bio-waste Handling and Disposal Management
  • Landscaping
  • Food Services

Bristol Facilities is committed to provide our healthcare clients with the necessary resources to manage the ever-changing risks associated with patient care today.

Short- and Long-Term Healthcare Business Goals

From the start, Bristol Facilities partners and builds a long standing relationship with our network of clients and personnel.

We take a holistic approach to analyze risks, benefits, solutions and options for your short-term and long-term goals. Then, we find time-tested traditional methods coupled with modern and innovative solutions that will work best and meet each client’s unique needs.

Bristol partners with each healthcare client and enhances their core business with our supported services.

More Options Equals More Value

Bristol brings the creativity and one-on-one attention like a boutique employment agency. We know our clients and personnel on a first-name basis. We don’t treat our personnel or accounts by a number or sales system.

Our account managers and management team have the entrepreneur mindset coupled with resources backed by a corporation. In short, Bristol Facilities has many options to bring the most value to your organization.

Bristol Facilities approach brings more options with better coverage and lower costs for you.

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