Property Services

Property Services

Building Services - Bristol Facilities
We combine experience with the highest standards to deliver outstanding solutions to the building services sector.

Bristol supports property management to enhance your important assets.

We are passionate about delivering outstanding operational excellence in building maintenance and property management. Bristol utilizes workforce augmentation and enhancements for facilities engineering and process improvement consulting within any property maintenance environment.

Bristol Facilities has a service excellence approach to operations and strives for continuous innovation with anticipatory service that delivers superior and measurable outcomes. With our resources, you can effectively and measurably enhance not only the physical attributes but the overall performance of your property maintenance environment.

Short- and Long-term Business Partnerships

As your partner, Bristol Facilities assimilates seamlessly into the ethos and culture of your company.

All team members are fully vetted on a continual basis, ensuring peace of mind for management, supervisors, field staff and customers.

  • Take a holistic approach to analyze risks, benefits, solutions, and options on a short-term and long-term basis.
  • Find the right time-tested traditional and innovative solutions to meet your unique needs.
  • Partner with you to create and implement solutions and services that enhances your core business.

Our Personnel

Technical skills and industry experience are essential to all of our positions, but Bristol Facilities believes that customer service is the most important.

Skills, experience, and knowledge are learned and are vital to maintenance.

Yet true customer service comes from the heart, employee commitment, and company loyalty.

Service expectations for each client are embedded into our orientation program to all employees.

Property Solutions and Services Include (but not limited to):

  • Maintenance
  • Leasing Consultants
  • Property Maintenance Supervisor
  • HVAC and Mechanical
  • Building Engineer
  • Administrative
  • Electrical and Plumbing Solutions

More Options is More Value

We have a dualistic approach with an all hands on deck approach sistered with one-on-one attention. We know our clients and personnel on a first-name basis. Most of all, we don’t track our clients or staff with a sales or number system.

Our account managers and upper management have the entrepreneur mindset coupled that is backed by corporate resources. In short, Bristol Facilities has many options to bring the most value to your organization.

Bristol Facilities approach brings more options with better coverage and lower costs for your business.


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