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Operational Services for Property & Real Estate

Bristol Facilities is driven and strives to deliver outstanding operational services to construction.

Property Management Solutions with Bristol Facilities

Bristol Facilities has a service excellence approach to operations and strives for continuous innovation and improvement with anticipatory services. When it comes to property management this is what your tenants require to stay satisfied.

We take a comprehensive approach to analyze risks and benefits to find the best solutions and option for the short and long term. We find the right time-tested solutions and marry them with innovative technology and concepts to quickly respond to needs.

Technical skills and industry experience are essential to all positions, but Bristol believes that customer service is the most important.

Skills, experience, and knowledge are learned and are vital to maintenance. Our staff on your properties are in a dual position that is between a skilled technician and a customer service representative when they are face-to-face with your tenants.

We believe that customer service comes from within and is amplified by employee commitment and company loyalty.

Partner with Bristol

Let us help you keep the overall performance of your workforce’s productivity on schedule

As your partner, Bristol assimilates with your onboarding processes and provides company buy-in from the first day.

Position Placements

  • HVAC & Mechanical Maintenance
  • Plumbers & Electricians
  • Experienced Commercial Handyman
  • Landscapers 
  • Leasing Consultants and Administrative Positions
  • Property Maintenance Supervisors
  • Parking Management (Policing, Striping, etc)
  • And other specific positions…

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