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Case Study: School and Bristol

Bristol provides facility services, facility maintenance, and workforce management balancing time-tested best practices and innovative solutions to do the best for our clients and employees.

A-Z for a Private School with Bristol’s Integrated FM Services

About the School

The private school was founded in 1951 with traceable roots to the late 1800’s. The campus comprises of 30+ buildings.

These buildings included several recreational fields and other athletic areas, a private road system throughout the campus, and several instructional and administrative buildings.

Before Bristol

At first, this school did the hiring and with growth could no longer maintain their internal hiring process. When they realized that this was not a solution and signed a multi-year contract with a facilities management company.

However, there was one problem, the company’s business model was simply not the right fit for the faculty, parents, and students with a continuous rotation of personnel from the hired company.

In the tight-knit community of the school, there was a consistent change in the staff provided by the company. On our first tour of the campus, the current staff seemed cold and uncaring which is against the focus of the school.

School Concerns

  • Parent, faculty, and student comfort
  • Continuous personnel turn-over
  • Lack of routine infrastructure processes
  • Little to no proactive maintenance program

Bristol Services

  • All-in-one solution with Bristol’s Integrated FM Program
  • Provided experienced and qualified personnel with on-site supervisors
  • An audit, analysis, and executed maintenance and preventative procedures

At Bristol, we support schools for the young mind and the young at heart.

Bottom Line

  • Security and peace of mind with familiar faces.
  • Improved productivity of core staff
  • An enhanced learning environment for the student body
  • Dedicated quality and workmanship

Value-Added Service

In conclusion, where there are familiar faces for the student body, it emphasizes the learning structure that teachers and administration is instilled into the young and impressionable minds.

Security is without a doubt enhanced and reinforced when people are known by names.

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