Facilities Management Services for Colleges & Universities

Bristol Facilities provides a diverse set facilities management services and programs that enhance colleges and universities now and continues as they grow.

We Understand The Setbacks That Schools May Face

Colleges are expected to perform better year after year with tightening budgets and stricter admissions for the student body. Parental and student expectations are just as demanding.

Operating and facility departments are some of the least looked at areas but they are just as important as education. Bristol has become flexible to these needs while supporting your educational practices.

Faculty, students, and parents have to be satisfied and we provide reliable and quality facility support services that complement existing operations.

Bristol Facilities will not allow the school environment become a hindrance to faculty and students.

We will influence the student body with our environmental services so that they can do and be their best as we care for their learning and development. 

A school’s educational and institutional practices are important and our programs are flexible to adapt to your varying needs when you need them.

We have many programs available to meet your schools’ goals as we support your student bodies’ higher education to mold young minds for the workforce.

Your Benefits

  • Full range of services
  • Customer-first and focused approach
  • Single or integrated facility service options
  • Company buy-in from personnel
  • Strategic solutions and services based on Lean principles

What We Do For Universities

Bristol Facilities provides single or dedicated facilities management and services for colleges, trade schools, and universities to meet a set of diverse needs.

We supply maintenance and upkeep programs, custodial, and food support services to private and public higher education institutes.

The community, faculty, and students desire the best learning experiences. We understand the needs faced and therefore have tailored our services to yours.

We are known for transformation!

Why Do Higher Education Institutions Select Bristol Facilities?

  • We are flexible. If your needs change, we make sure that we cater to changing requirements so that you get what you are looking for.
  • We have rich and diverse experiences. It makes our facilities management and services effective and efficient, from leadership to field operators.
  • We tailor our services to yours. Understanding your school needs from the very start creates a win-win for all.
  • We assure productivity. Our trained and multi-skilled teams assure productivity.
  • We look at both sides of the innovation equation. We innovate when it enhances quality and lowers costs at the right opportunity. It must create both, not just one.

Improving College Campuses

Colleges select Bristol Facilities as their partner.

Let’s work together to improve the student experience.

Call us if you have any questions, would like information regarding our services and options or to request a no obligation discovery session with one of our solution experts.

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