Company Buy-In

Company Buy-In

As a workforce provider, Bristol Facilities supports your company or department with employee buy-in to attract and retain a talented labor force that you require.

Company Buy-In Shapes the “People Factor” for Companies and Departments.

Employees are the most important asset. It doesn’t matter company size or industry, without personnel, work simply cannot get done. Even as we move into a more robotic, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) the “human factor” cannot be replaced.

Employee turnover issues have negative impacts if not handled properly.  

Personnel at all levels need to be satisfied. Bristol works with you to explore creative ways to keep happier workers while lowering employee-related expenses, keeping productivity levels high, and promoting company leaders from within.

Bristol Facilities will motivate on-site personnel with your business’s mission statement and core values with training and orientation. We find that holding our employees to high standards is paramount during an employee’s orientation and initial training.

If you haven’t heard, in a recent Gallup Poll states that roughly 32% of employees wereengaged workers“. They define engaged as an employee who “is involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed  to their work and workplace.”*

No matter a company’s industry or size, a sense of purpose keeps employees engaged.


Your Benefits

  • Increase employee morale
  • Ability to grow your business
  • Positive brand impact
  • Decrease your employee recruiting, hiring, and onboarding expenses
  • Effective client and customer service for your company or department

Our Services

  • Janitorial and Environmental Services
  • Landscape and Turf Maintenance
  • Operation, Mechanical, and Maintenance Services
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Process Improvement Consulting

What Bristol Does For Your Business

We provide a clear employee journey, direction, and support. Without these three key aspects, we at Bristol believe that employee satisfaction decreases and hurts your brand and image. 

For clients and personnel, we endorse a management- and business-led team, instead of an HR-led team. An HR-led team follows a one-size fit all model. A business- and management-led team naturally create communication lines that powers to quickly get back on track.

This approach is more work and time consuming but emphasis commitment between employer and employee.

Why Do Companies Select Bristol Facilities?

  • We are flexible. If your needs change, we make sure that we cater to changing requirements so that you get what you are looking for.
  • We have rich and diverse experiences. It makes our facilities management and services effective and efficient, from leadership to field operators.
  • We tailor our services to yours. Understanding your school needs from the very start creates a win-win for all.
  • We assure productivity. Our trained and multi-skilled teams assure productivity.
  • We look at both sides of the innovation equation. We innovate when it enhances quality and lowers costs at the right opportunity. It must create both, not just one.

Enhance the Workforce Experience

Companies select Bristol Facilities as their workforce provider.

Let’s combine our expertise to give our customers the best of the best.

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