Process Improvement Consultancy

Process Improvement Consultancy

Improving efficiency, profitability and agility to ensure a smooth transition and better utilizate your resources.

Bristol’s Corporate Consulting service helps your organization develop and change in a continuous cycle.

An organization’s overall effectiveness is linked to the efficiency of its operations and processes. As your business evolves, you may need corporate consulting to ensure that activities are conducted to drive organizational needs.

Workflows and procedures must have a purpose concerning design, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Like other organizations, you may be asking yourself one or many of these questions.

  • How can my company provide better customer service or enhance the customer experience?
  • Can we find better skilled and motivated employees?
  • What can we do to increase sales, lower costs or both while providing quality?

Bristol Facilities can help you and your business answer these questions from a fresh perspective from years of experience. We know that every organization is unique. We tackle each consulting project and client with Lean Principles that are designed to meet your unique and desired business results.

In partnership with our clients, we combine our expertise and your expertise with proven methodologies and training programs. We are driven to improve existing business processes and create new ones.

We want you to get the maximum return from your people, processes and products or services.

How does Bristol answer your business questions?

Bristol focuses on solutions that are fully aligned with short and long-term objectives for our clients.

We work with clients on a shared risk and reward basis.


We create strategic partnerships with our clients. Bristol Facilities wants your business to thrive in your industry and be regarded as one of the best.

We partner with you ensuring that you get an immediate ROI from our relationship.

Workforce Management

Our consultants work with your management team down to front-line personnel of your organization to develop a true objective understanding of your current operations. We gather business intelligence from your competitors through tried and true research, first-hand knowledge and other resources.

Process Improvement

Bristol’s Corporate Consultants gather current operational and overall marketplace efficiencies and effectiveness to benchmark your business upon and guide us as improvements are made.

Based on this deep understanding of your unique business environment, we define realistic goals to optimize your operations.

Together we formulate a plan to implement in phases considering scope, time and resources. As the phases continue, we benchmark each step and continue improvements until we have reached our goals.

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