Optimized Labor Scheduling

Workforce Technology:
Labor Scheduling

We streamline operations through staff scheduling based on actual operational demand.

Personnel And Operations Schedules

Our workforce technology software measures, controls, and enhances work schedules.

It is formulated to schedule and track productivity, benchmark to historical data, and measure individual efficiencies.

The software is customer focused while being user-friendly. The design allows us to interact with our team in real-time as they clock-in and clock-out.

We can overlap shifts to compensate for peak business times as necessary.

The easy-to-use design is intuitive with smartphone mobility available on Android or iPhone. And for higher volume accounts, we can reduce “buddy clock-in” with picture capturing during clock-ins.

Picture capturing helps with security and fraud for high turnover positions and in high traffic areas.

Onsite account managers or regional managers can set expired automatic clock-outs after an allotted time for manual review. They can set vital employee records quickly and in real-time with different snapshots for multiple locations.

Your Benefits

  • Full range of services
  • Security and Fraud protection
  • Projected vs actual labor
  • Benchmarking 
  • Automatic notifications
  • Easy-to-use design and mobility
  • No “buddy clock-in” with pictures taken

Technology Advantages

  • Workforce planning versus projected forecast
  • Internal talent management
  • Transaction-based labor scheduling
  • Automated push notifications and communications
  • Performance management and KPI tracking with dynamic reporting
  • Historical and projection analytics

Push text messages can be used to remind team members of daily or weekly schedules which assists employees that “forget” their scheduling. This software has improved our ability to quickly see who leaves early and arrives late late consistently.

The graphical user interface is simple while the back-end houses big data to benchmark across the industries we serve to find commonalities or irregularities. Benchmarking hourly or daily transactions are exciting for our nerdy account managers to naturally and quickly recognize patterns acting upon them.

We can compute precise labor needs for high customer service levels. We have been able to save on average about 17 – 25% in labor savings and increase service response times.

Our workforce technology solutions help automatically manage and staff for our clients across facilities management, workforce management, and environmental health services.

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