Labor Management

Workforce Technology: Performance Management

Bristol uses a permission based approval system if minimum performance standards, benchmarks, or other modified settings are not met.

Managing Technology and Customizations

Our technology program handles most employee files at one location with simple access.

According to your needs, specific employee data such as performance history and scheduling preference can be customized to goals that you set.

Our technology was made for most users to grasp and quickly understand.

Personally identifiable data may be stored at a different location with higher security settings.

Some of this information may include:

  • Personnel information
  • Pay codes
  • Performance history
  • Scheduling preference
  • Other key employment documents.

Your Benefits

  • Full range of services
  • Security and Fraud protection
  • Projected vs actual labor
  • Benchmarking
  • Automatic notifications
  • Easy-to-use design and mobility
  • No “buddy clock-in” with pictures taken

Technology Advantages

  • Workforce planning versus projected forecast
  • Internal talent management
  • Transaction-based labor scheduling
  • Automated push notifications and communications
  • Performance management and KPI tracking with dynamic reporting
  • Historical and projection analytics

Available Customizations To Our Technology

  • All necessary employment files and documents are easily uploaded into employee files to allow for download and print from most locations.
  • A cryptic filing system allows us to have uniquely coded information that may be self-served by employees or key personnel by file type
  • Necessary documents such as: I-9’s, applications and TIPS certifications to accident reports and return to work papers.
  • Automatic color coded warning system with email notification of pending or expired documents.
  • Photo uploads for badge printing and facial recognition technology is built into a kiosk to prevent “Buddy clock/ins”. (automatically photographs employees at each clock in and clock out adding location security and fraud prevention.
  • Progression of employment requirements is tracked with the easy to understand visual cues of checks for completion with employment status changes based on client configured requirements.
  • Permission based approval system allows management to block employees from being scheduled if expired documents, minimum performance standards or other customized benchmarks are not met.

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